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The expression “water and waterway” when used in juxtaposition on this site or in any documents of Infrabanx or Infrabanx agencies, unless otherwise specified, means the Water and Waterway Sector or Sectors.

Water.  Water means the host country’s water resource that may be in the form of a body of water, such as a lake, a river, an ocean, or an aggregate of such bodies of water, domestic or foreign.

Waterway. Waterway means a watercourse that is situated in the host country, deemed a running stream of water; a natural stream fed from a permanent or natural source/(s), including rivers, creeks, runs, and rivulets that is more than a surface drainage.  It is therefore, any navigable body of water (rivers, lakes, oceans, and canals) characterised by depth, width, barrier free, and with minimal resistance (current) that is located within the confines of the respective host country.

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