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The strategy is aimed at generating wealth, preserving and enhancing the environment, and building vibrant and safe communities for present and future generations. Planning strategy focuses on (a) Expanding irrigated agriculture; (b) Population growth in urban centers; (c) Provision of social facilities; (d) Transport linkages within and throughout the region; (e) Managing sustainable pastoral areas; (f) Managing and preserving the unique environment for conservation and tourism; (g) Protecting landscape and cultural and heritage values; and (h) Improving service delivery of regional infrastructure to a highly dispersed population.

Local Government’s contribution is through the development of local planning schemes.

  • Develop a strategic approach to improve the living environment and circumstances and increase the access to Local Government services;
  • Develop local strategies for appropriate service provision and delivery, and sustainable developments for communities; and
  • Increase the appropriateness of State and Federal policies, programs and regulations to improve co-ordination and achieve effective service provision to communities.
Natural resources, like mining, mineral and energy is managed continuously by indirect consumption but is treated as an input to the production process so that it can optimize the value added. The output will be directed as a cumulative capital. Other alternative is by using the natural resources and balancing it with the reclamation efforts and looking for the alternative source or substitution material that is more environmentally friendly.

The education and campaign of natural resources and life environmental consciousness have to be improved, especially for the younger generation so that qualified human resources and the concern for natural resources and life environmental issues will be created and action plans remedied.

  • Introduce a cleaner environment and increase people's awareness to hygiene conditions in factories, industry and household waste.
  • Handle waste problems and drainage in the city including appropriate pipe water service.
  • Organize an education campaign program in natural resources and environment issues to highlight awareness especially for the younger generation.
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